Armin van Buuren website

Re-designing the website of the number one DJ of the world is no easy task, but Dancefoundation has done it. Everything Armin-related has now come together on the brand new

On the website, you won’t only find his complete discography, including previews, but also take a deep dive in the rest of his musical life – whether you’d love to read his bio or check the gigs he’s going to play. All things Armin can be found on . So go check it out!

Armin van Buuren:

“The world of internet is ever changing and with social media as Facebook and Twitter being so important nowadays I had to change my approach to the world wide web. We listened to comments from fans and promotors all over the world and decided to lauch a completely different website based on their comments. What do people want to see when they go to the Armin van Buuren website? What kind of information are they looking for? I hope you’ll find this new site helpful, clear and fast in your search for what I’m up to.”

Delivered: Juli 2010